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The Alibaba smart webcam is designed to help users feel comfortable around a product that they interact with on a daily basis. Through soft curves, simple shapes and subtle emotional queues, the product takes on a personality of its own. As one of Alibaba's first smart products housing their proprietary A.I., "Tmall Genie", it was extremely important that users felt at ease when interacting with the product.

This project was carried out over the summer of 2018 in Hangzhou, China during an internship with e-commerce company Alibaba.

Initial sketches show straight forward shapes and forms that allow the design to feel like it belongs in any environment. A small pivot in proportion and curvature gave the design character. 

Physically prototyping various shapes and forms allowed for a deeper understanding of comfortable proportions and geometric relationships as well as mechanical limitations.

A curious friend greets you as you carry out your business.

Future models incorporate a speaker allowing Tmall Genie to communicate with the user.