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Controller 4.jpg

Initial concepts.

Released in 1996, the Nintendo 64 impacted the gaming industry and millions of people's lives like no other console before it. Being one of the first of its kind to utilize an analog stick, the controller more accurately emulated 360 degrees of motion and gave the user greater camera control. The Six Four Go! is a remastered version of the classic controller and captures the iconic shape while packing new and improved tech within. Users are able to relive their favorite memories not just through a screen, but physically through a familiar shape in their hands. 

Personal project. Renderings created in Photoshop.

N64 sketch 5.jpg
N64 sketch 6.jpg
N64 sketch 7.jpg
N64 sketch 8.jpg

I set out to create a new controller. Along the way, ideas continued to fill my mind and eventually I integrated the smart phone.

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