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Reddi Gear is the fruit of collaborative efforts between my brother Brandon and me. In 2014 we started using our spare time to design bags and construct the infrastructure of a soft goods company. I acted as Head of Design while Brandon handled finances and offered design input and feedback. All sketches, prototypes and design research on this page are my own.

In April of 2015 we were awarded $3,000 by the "Get Seeded" program of the Entrepreneur Club at The University of Utah to forward our idea. It was a great opportunity to be exposed to generating actual business plans and working with offshore suppliers. Techpacks and prototypes were sent back and forth to manufacturers in China. The project is currently on hold while I'm at graduate school.

Reddi Gear is a high-quality soft goods accessories company for students and young professionals. We create unique, clean, simple designs that look incredible and fulfill a variety of needs in many different situations. Whether you are traveling, at work, at the gym, on campus, in nature, or out on the town, you want quality gear that looks good and serves you well. Life is meant to be lived, might as well be reddi for it.


From insights gained pertaining to what users actually put in their bags, initial sketches reflected a concept that adapts to the daily needs of the user. Students and young professionals are more frequently packing just a tablet or a computer where as in the past they had been lugging around text books and files. 

What do we pack?

If you're going to design a bag, you better know what you plan on putting in it. In an effort to understand my target user, I observed what items were most frequently packed. Among students and young professionals, many participants frequently packed two bags to separate gym gear and basic school/work essentials. How could we simplify and make one bag for the entire experience?


A proof of concept was quickly developed; first in paper, then in canvas.

harness fidlock
expanded back
fid close up
backpack sml
nackpack side
contents 1
scene 1
scene 2

deployable harness

expanding compartment

waxed canvas

fidlock attachment

genuine leather

ykk zips


The final model blends the durability of waxed canvas with the reliability and style of genuine leather. The smaller compartment next to the user's back is perfect for tablets and laptops while if more space is needed, one can quickly expand the secondary compartment. Integrated Fidlocks allow for seamless transition from collapsed compartment to open and from briefcase to backpack. I worked closely with a professional soft goods producer in the physical assembly of the prototype below.

Quick Transition

Magnetic Fidlock hardware allows quick and easy transition between whatever mode suits your needs.


Large Backpack

Slim Sidebag

Manufacturing Tech Pack

For mass manufacturing, a breakdown of the pack was made to illustrate dimensions, compartments, hardware, materials, etc. With such a detailed bag, it was critical that the manufacturer understood exactly what was desired.

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