GoGuru is a business proposal that considers the future use case scenarios of autonomous vehicles in a tourism application. Using the GoGuru app, tourists can access curated adventures created by local tour gurus. Owners of autonomous cars can put their idle vehicles to use and make an extra buck if they register their vehicle with GoGuru and allow tourists to use the car as a self driving chauffeur.


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everybody wins

By creating a platform that connects them to local tour guides and vehicle owners, travelers can now rest assured that they're spending their valuable vacation time wisely. Locals can reap the benefits of the expert knowledge they posses about their town and autonomous vehicle owners can enjoy new means of passive income that they previously weren't receiving.

here's how it works...

This project was completed in June of 2017 as part of studio curriculum at ArtCenter College of Design. I participated in a team of 3.

Awards won: Best Strategic Business Concept

Team members: Geemay Chia, Atria Azarmi


Browse curated local tours on the app.

Sign in to GoGuru with your social media account. Based off of your interests, location, and time, a list of corresponding locally recommended tours shows up just for you.


Choose your adventure and the car is on its way!

After looking at the tour prices, amenities offered, and other details, make a selection that best fits your agenda. By tapping "go", a vehicle will be notified that you are ready to be picked up.


Now that you're in the car, your tour can start.

Access your route through your phone or through the vehicle's touch screen displays. Audio will also come over the car's sound system and provide knowledgeable local expertise, tips and stories provided by the tour creator. 


Access tour Add-Ons along your journey.

In addition to the content provided by the tour, you are notified if you encounter additional content/tours along the way. Gain insight from leading experts on these sights for a small additional sum.


Enjoy walking tours and other bonus content.

Extra tour add-ons provide more information, equipment and additional experiences for a small added fee. Enjoy premium content like a walking tour, a sporty activity, unique foods or a luxurious massage.


Rate the experience and share it with your friends.

GoGuru's rating system helps regulate the quality of tours and encourages tour creators to provide competitive offerings. A higher ranked tour will have better ratings and attract more travelers.

How do we make money?




Vehicle Owner

Tour Guru


The GoGuru business model closely resembles the model established by companies like Uber and Lyft. GoGuru only collects 5% of revenue generated by tour creators and vehicle owners so that more people are incentivized to generate content. 10% of revenue is collected from scholars who are generating premium content that will be sold at a higher price.

Revenue Generators




Tour Add Ons

Tour Packages

Listing fee for content & car providers (After year 3)

10% fixed commission from each tour package.

Additional 10% commission if tourists use premium add on tour content.

Payment from content providers to list their tours or vehicles on our platform.


Ad Space and Featured Content

Local businesses can endorse their offerings through ad space on our tour platform.

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