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Fancy LP Mockup_sml.png
Reward Your Audience

Fancy NFT approached me to spearhead the design elements of their new, innovative nft platform including UX/UI, GIFs to be made into NFTs, soft goods renderings, as well as packaging design.

Together, we also ironed out business strategy through user stories/research and competitive market analysis.


Product Management  |  Brand Strategy  |  Graphic Design  |  UX/UI  |  Soft Goods Design  |  Packaging Design


Web3  |  Crypto Currency  |  E-Commerce  |  Soft Goods Apparel

Proto 2.jpg
Proto 21a.jpg
Proto 3a.jpg
Proto 19a.jpg
Proto 10a.jpg

Initial sketches show straight forward shapes and forms that allow the design to feel like it belongs in any environment.

Physically prototyping various shapes and forms allowed for a deeper understanding of comfortable proportions and geometric relationships as well as mechanical limitations.

Fancy LP Macbook Mockup.png

A curious friend greets you as you carry out your business.

Cam Front view_2.jpg
Cam Side  positions.jpg
Cam Base.jpg

The milled aluminum base provides a solid platform for the camera to pivot any which way. The upper body made from recycled plastic, brings sustainability into an era of modern style.

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