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Encore: A.I. for Music Artists

Technology has shifted the music industry from label-driven to artist-driven. Cost and complexity were previously barriers, but artists are now responsible for their own production, marketing, and distribution. Through Generative A.I., Encore empowers artists with technology to make a living and thrive by providing an integrated marketing platform from song to release.

A.I. Cover Art Generator

Encore Studio allows artists to bypass time consuming and expensive steps such as coming up with custom album art for every track they drop. With our new A.I. Cover Art tool, artists simply input their lyrics then click through custom, high quality image options that represent their song. Once they've chosen the best image, they can further customize and personalize the results.

Interactive live music in the metaverse.

Encore's roots reside in AR (Augmented Reality) and interactive music. Through our previous metaverse-centric platform, artists could get paid through user micropayments, drop exclusive content, connect more authentically with their fans, and most importantly share their art.

Through 10 cent "claps", fans can show their appreciation to a favorite artist as well as vote on what song comes next through polls, speak face to face with performers via backstage pass and DM other users with private messages.

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