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Cubcoats Island

Building off the already popular Cubcoats jackets, Cubcoats Island is the company's first leap into digital connection with their youthful demographic through interactive mobile gameplay. Children are invited to explore a magical world where each land is inspired by unique yet familiar Cubcoats characters. Mini-games placed throughout the island offer kids a new and exciting way to engage with the brand as well as create a deeper connection with the creativity and joy that Cubcoats' products bring to their lives.

cubcoats island_edited.png

Cubcoats Island features a variety of engaging mini-games like creative coloring, exciting skateboarding, or the opportunity to read an immersive story, each fostering a playful and imaginative connection with the brand's characters.

Continuous Research

Experimentation with other forms of technology paved the way for innovative interactive experiences. Although never pushed to production, this type of research demonstrated what was possible and how Cubcoats could maintain a competitive advantage.

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