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In an effort to expand their product line and capture greater market share, I was contracted by Cubcoats to ideate new methods and strategies surrounding existing I.P. that the company could implement into their business. We collaborated on everything from soft plushies with AR integration to hardware with smartphone compatibility that brought magic to bedtime. We even developed a new mobile game that introduced our customers to a whole new world that was Cubcoats Island.

Cubcoats Blanket 2.png
Diffuser 4.png
Diffuser 2.png

Magic Bedtime Story Orb

The Bedtime Story Orb helps parents and kids alike when it comes to bedtime. Kids can follow along to a story of their choice as magical pictures appear on the orb surface while parents read the story aloud. During the night, the orb can turn into a portable light. 

Papo's 360 Sleeping Solution

More and more parents are turning to humidifiers and noise makers to help their kids sleep soundly at night. Papo's 360 Sleeping Solution packs all the necessary features into one convenient product including a night light, diffuser, humidifier and noise maker.

Papo Bedside Nightlight

Based on the existing Cubcoats character Papo, this soft silicon night light provides a comforting night time glow. Kids need only give the bear a soft pat anywhere on the body and the light will turn off or on.

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