Time after time, we hear of vacations to Orlando becoming overbearing, stressful and draining. On these vacations to the "Theme Park Capital of the World", it can be difficult to satisfy every family member's needs. Alta Oasis is a luxury resort that relieves common vacation pain points while helping families relax and decompress. By reducing planning time and avoiding chaos through cutting edge technology, Alta Oasis increases convenience, simplicity and privacy.

This project was completed in August of 2019. All artwork is my own unless stated otherwise.

Alta Oasis is themed as if a portion of Atlantis had survived its terrible fate. The descendants of Atlantis, now known as Altans, have converted their village into 30 acres of controlled, isolated environment that promotes peace and evokes exclusivity. The all inclusive resort with 61 private bungalows allows guests to escape crowds and encounter peaceful, serene environments, even during the chaos of a family’s amusement park trip.

What makes Alta different?

An Escape

Our strategic location and resort layout isolates guests from crowds, promotes peace and evokes exclusivity.


Cutting edge Pegasus vtols integrated into the resort allow guests to come and go as they please.


Personal resort hosts available 24/7 can customize and enhance the guest experience.

Walk through the experience...


Design Development

This early concept sketch depicts an exclusive pirate island themed resort with the majority of guest rooms facing inward so as to maintain story immersion. Small "neighborhoods" surround the island allowing for families to reserve multiple units at a time if they are traveling with larger groups.

This concept sketch depicts a Mayan village theme where most of guests are located on a large central island. However, a more luxurious and exclusive option would allow guests to stay on a separate island which connects to its own pool and bar service. Similar to the concept above, small "neighborhoods" surround the islands allowing for families to reserve multiple units at a time if they are traveling with larger groups.

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