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The Alibaba smart kettle connects to wifi and can be remotely turned on or off allowing users to heat up water while they're on their way home from work or from the comfort of their own bed. The smart kettle would be yet an additional appliance in the Alibaba smart appliance ecosystem with the capability to be controlled by the company's proprietary A.I., Tmall Genie. 

This project was carried out over the summer of 2018 in Hangzhou, China during an internship with e-commerce company Alibaba.

Cover Photo.jpg
Kettle Sketches.jpg

The Alibaba team was interested in straightforward, modern design aesthetics. Initial sketches depict simple shapes and approachable features.

Digital rendering done in Procreate.

concept 3.507 b.png
concept 3.jpg
cone render.502.jpg
cone render.504.jpg

The first few renderings served as a good exploration of shape and material finishes.

1 C7 Title.png
2 C7 Side.png
3 C7 top.png
8 untitled.560.png

Alternative Base

10 untitled.557.png
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